This is a portrait of Siri’s father-in-law, and was commissioned in secret as she planned to give it to her husband for their wedding anniversary. Siri provided me with a small photo, specified the size and requested it be made in landscape format. Her preference was grey and blue colour tones. And she asked for updates along the way to see my progress.

I started with the face, and once I got to a ready-enough stage, I sent a photo of my progress to Siri. At that point, the portrait did not have a background, and Siri asked if I could make the background ‘not too busy’. However, I’d already made other plans.

Working from a photo of a man with white hair wearing a white shirt, my idea was to build the background up to resemble the material of a tweed dinner jacket. In addition to adding depth, I hoped that it would make the face pop out from the background, making it more 3-dimensional. Luckily, Siri trusted my judgement. The end result, as you can see here, has a background that consists of slanting lines with oblong dots, coloured in a semi-structured sequence of 7 different colours.

I’ve built the portrait up in layers, starting with normal pencil, then modelling and enhancing the details with colour pencils. As the customer wanted grey and blue tones, I’ve left quite a lot of the grey pencil lines, and have also used pencil as one of the colours on the 7 dots of the background. My goal with the face itself, was to capture the warm friendly smile of this very kind-looking man.

Size: 60 x 51.5 cm (approx. 24 x 20 inches).
Medium: Pencil and colour pencil drawing
Title: Portrait #2 60 x 51.5 cm for Siri

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