The Legend of St. Sunniva is part of a book project with working title “Sailing adventure”. I enjoyed working on this story, spinning it into cartoon characters based on historical figures.

St Sunniva

The King Håkon Ladejarl is based on an old drawing by the Norwegian painter Christian Krohg. The cartoon character of King Olav Tryggvason is based on the monumental sculpture of Olav Tryggvason created by the Norwegian sculptor Wilhelm Rasmussen (1879–1965). The monument was raised in the city square of Trondheim in 1921, where it still stands today.

The other characters are figures of my imagination. To differentiate between Irish and Norwegian characters, I tried to give both Sunniva and the tyrant clothes and colours that would normally not be associated with vikings.

Size: Most of the drawings are 14 x 20 cm. Materials: Ink and dip pen and colour pencils on acid free drawing paper.