Large Scale Portrait Commissions

Posted by HH on Jul 28, 2021

June to August 2021, I was commissioned to create three large scale portraits, two in charcoal and one portrait in techniques of my choosing.

The format of my large scale charcoal portraits was first established in 2006 when I created a triple portrait”. This portrait has since inspired others to commission similar works of art.

The feature image of this post shows Portrait 100×80 cm for Siri. The buyer asked for a portrait of a woman with a face showing “lived life”. For this portrait, I’ve cherry-picked features from the faces of four more or less famous women, and used this as inspiration to construct the woman in my portrait. “Lived life” is demonstrated through wrinkles and hard charcoal lines, but also through her proud posture, steady but twinkly good-natured eyes, and her knowing smile.

Inspired by the faces of three actresses and one politician, many people might find something familiar in this face. But I’ve intentionally avoided traits that would make it easy for you to guess who they are, and the answer remains my little secret 🙂

Size: 100 x 80 cm (approx. 39 x 31 inches).


Portrait 60 x 51.5 cm for Siri


This is a portrait of Siri’s dad. She provided me with a small photo, and requested that the portrait be made in landscape format, and shades of brown. Apart from that, she left it to me to decide technique and materials.

I’ve built the portrait up in layers, starting with normal pencil, then modelling and enhancing the details with colour pencils. My goal was to capture a likeness to her father, but also to capture the mood in the photograph I was given. The buyer has confirmed I’ve succeeded with both.

Size: 60 x 51.5 cm (approx. 24 x 20 inches).


Portrait 80 x 90 cm for M


The customer who commissioned this portrait, asked for a portrait of a young woman with hair. She asked for hard black lines, and for a sensual and challenging gaze.

For this portrait, finished early August 2021, I’ve selected features from the faces of three actresses. Using their faces as inspiration, I’ve modelled a brand new face. Hopefully you’ll find something familiar in the portrait, even if you can’t quite make out who’s faces inspired it.

Title: Portrait 80×90 cm for M
Medium: Charcoal and pencil drawing
Size: 80 x 90 cm (31.5 x 35.4 inches)


Would you like to purchase a large scale portrait?

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