Detailed Drawing of Black Forest Farm Building

Posted by HH on Jul 24, 2016

“Hof Hannesen” is the name of this Black Forest farm building, situated in the Black Forest in south-western Germany. The farm belongs to friends of mine, and has belonged to their family for generations. The oldest parts of the main building are over 400 years old. Over the centuries the house has been expanded and changed, from being a combined animal barn and family home to the current setup with 2-3 separate households under the same roof.

The roof is what originally captured my attention. As the beams and bearing planks have moved and shifted over time, there are almost no straight lines on this roof. It almost looks like the tiles are too heavy for the frame of the house. It gives the impression of heavy dancing roof tiles – which is a contradiction, I know, but still the impression that it gives me.

I first sketched the house one summer while sitting on the grass in the garden outside of the house, and gave the drawing to my friends. Later when I got back to Norway, I sat down and made this very detailed drawing based on photos taken the same day that I drew the original sketch.

Size of drawing: 35 x 22 cm, shown here as excerpt (unfortunately I lost the photos that display the full drawing, but will in time get hold of new photos so I can display it in full). Materials: Pigment ink pen on acid free paper.

Where is the original drawing?

I had the pleasure of enjoying this drawing on my own wall for almost a year, until my friends came for a visit and bought it from me. The drawing is now hanging on a wall inside the house that it portrays.

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