Forsgrenska Swimming Pool in Stockholm

Posted by HH on Jul 22, 2016

This drawing is inspired by Forsgrénska badet (swimming pool) in Stockholm, Sweden.

In November 2013, I was visiting Stockholm and stumbled upon this beautiful pool. I was walking through the streets of the old town, peeping in windows from street level, when I suddenly found myself staring straight into this swimming pool scene.

I didn’t stop too long to gaze at the sight, but the magical world that had been revealed to me stuck with me.

In 2014 I finally put it down on paper together with a little extra magic and imagination added by myself.

Size of drawing: 35 x 22 cm (13,5 x 8,5 inches). Materials: Pigment ink pen and coloured pencil on acid free paper. The image shows a high resolution scanned copy, true to original colours. Note that the below shows an excerpt of the drawing, as the whole drawing is too large to fit into my scanner.

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